Double Bacon Brat $3 @ Ram's Head Tavern at Bacon Festival

Double the Bacon, Double the Fun. Best Dish EVER MADE at Bacon Festival

The world is perfect when you get to try Double Bacon Brat from Ram’s Head at Maryland’s Bacon Festival in Inner Harbor, Baltimore. Tonight we die with bacon! This is worth all the cholesterol, artery-clogging, and waiting in line in the scorching heat. Might the best bacon dish we’ve ever tasted so far. THE BEST OF ALL TIMES. We are pretty much now ruined for any future bacon dish. After all, not many can match the amazingness of this. First, bite in, and your mouth will explode with fantastic bacon goodness. It’s all and nothing but bacon with beer-battered double bacon-wrapped bratwurst. Dam, double wrap that thing! Covered in sweet candied syrup bacon honey mustard. It’s just a crazy sweetness combination.

God, I don’t think we ever tasted anything this good. Couldn’t find it on their regular menu, might be just for this festival, but they should add it as their permanent menu item. BAAAACCCCON!!! Great value for such a great dish, during the Festival it only cost #3, but remember the lines were super long and miserable. Very happy, we got there early before it was sold out as many places at the Bacon Festival ended up running out of things within a few hours. Someone was not prepared for how much people love their bacon. Honestly, they should have been! Bacon gods would not approve. Also, next time really should add vegetarian and vegan options; after all, everyone loves bacon!