Double Burger from SUGO?

Double Burger $11 @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

It’s double or nothing. That’s because one meat patty is not enough for this place, so they double their burgers in Silver Spring, DC suburb. Especially when eating such a juicy meat patty like this. So soft and flavorful, this is one of the most nomnom meatness. Not the biggest burger, but will still require some mouth opening effort to fit it in. It is topped with few slices of cheddar and lovely pieces of bacon. You can taste the cheesy and bacony goodness. Just the right portion of each nomnom ingredient and you can them. Comes on a very soft and light grilled brioche bun. Love it because you only taste a hint of it and not overpowering, in the end, its all about the meat and toppings. You are served with some excellent fries on the side. You do get a choice of salad, but we don’t do healthy with our burgers. The excellent burger you should try from one of our favorite nomnom places.