Dozen Empanadas from Panas

Dozen Empanadas @ Panas

When we order, we go dozen or nothing. Got to try all their nomnom flavor. Sadly to our disappointment you can only order 3 flavors at the time per order. So we got Shrimp, Carne and Chipotle Steak flavored. It was very very nomnom! My fav was Shrimp & Carne.

Carne (CA):
Beef, green olives, Spanish peppers, hard boiled eggs, onions, and parsley.

Chipotle Steak (CS):
Shredded sirloin steak, onions with spicy chipotle sauce.

Samba Shrimp (SS):
Brazilian style, shrimp cooked in palm oil, shredded coconut, cilantro, onions, red and green peppers. — with Samba Shrimp (SS) and Chipotle Steak (CS).