Time to jam jam with nom nom jalapeño jam sandwich Eggy Blat from Parlor 1255, a unique sandwich shop while on our adventures in Levi Plaza, San Francisco. We stopped by what looks like an enjoyable place with sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. Fried egg on anything always has our attention, it’s one of those things Like bacon, and you have to order. This time, it wasn’t the magical egg, but the Jalapeño Jam that made our hungry senses tingle. First, bite in, and the explosion of flavors rush into your mouth. So many different flavors and textures it was a party in my mouth. The jalapeño jam wasn’t spicy at all and had an excellent sweet taste with a little kick to it. Went great with a soft fried egg, avocado, and a thick layer of house-made bacon. Served on an excellent crunchy o the outside and soft on the inside bread. Plus, this place is all about healthy fresh produced made locally so that you won’t feel as guilty. It’s probably good for you! I wish we had more space in our tummies to try other sandwiches. It’s excellent value for a price with just $11 for all the sandwich goodness. This made for an excellent first nomnom for our first day of adventures in San Francisco.


Time to Jam with Your Sandwich in San Francisco
5.0NOM Score

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