Elm City from Pete's New Haven Style Apizza

Take Train to White Sauce Pizza Town @ Pete’s New Haven

Time to take the train to white sauce town with Elm City pizza from Pete’s New Haven in Down Town Silver Spring. We are not a big fan of red tomato sauce pizzas and were super excited to see pizza place with several white sauce pies. Ah, and they delivered on quality o much that this could be one of our favorite white sauce pizza places. We picked the one that has the most stuffed packed into it and went to town on it lol. They pack a lot of toppings on without making it cause the pizza to come. It topped with goodies like Fontina (Italian cow’s milk) cheese, grilled chicken, sauteed mushrooms, and caramelized onions. The crust was top-notch, skinny, and light. Made all the toppings and cheese flavors to come through. Love the big chunks of mushrooms, made it mushroomy goodness. That is one big pizza, and we had trouble finishing even smaller size ones. Kind of wish this pizza wasn’t as oily, tilt to the side, and beautiful stream of oil dips to your place. Lucky, it didn’t taste as greasy as it looked, so aside needed from extra napkins, it was all right. Price-wise the pizza falls on a higher side with a $19 price tag, but for the quality and quantity of food, you get its worth every penny. The number they give you is associated with the table you should sit at. Not something they explained or marked anywhere, and we were extremely confused by numbers. After all, the numbers are scary! Aside from scary numbers, it’s a must-try pizza place, and it’s our new white pizza to place.

www.petesapizza.com / Facebook / Twitter / Intagram / Yelp
962 Wayne Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910