Le Jardin Breakfast Buffet at Oberoi Hotel in Bangalore India

Feed Me all Your Food! Unlimited Breakfast in Oberoi Bangalore India

Supercharge and upscale your morning with all you can eat Indian breakfast buffet at Le Jardin in Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore India. Honestly, no hotel can every match this. So many noms in one place in one go is a perfect way t start the day of adventuring. We love breakfast and enjoy Indian food so it was great to try some breakfast specific dishes. Each day they have a slightly different selection with few of our favorites we got to try several times. We don’t often talk about service and staff, but at this hotel had some of the best hospitality staff we’ve seen. They were very attentive and even remembered the things you like and preferences.

During our stay, we fell in love with their fresh watermelon juice. Ordered it every time and waiter started bringing it to us a much bigger glass. He said this is because he noticed I’ve had it daily and always asked for seconds or thirds. There were many other moments as well which made it a very welcoming place. Let’s not wait any longer and here are some of our favorite dishes.

Kesari Bhaat (5 NOMs)

Savory breakfast hiding in the sweet dish with this amazing Kesari Bhaat Indian dish at all you can eat breakfast buffet. This dish originated from Karnataka state in South India and a very popular during festivals. All that yellow drew us closer from the other side of the restaurant. Turns out the color is from saffron seasoning. Wasn’t just a pretty dish and became one of our favorite breakfast dishes during our trip since it can be both a breakfast dish or a dessert. Always good to be that versatile. What really captured our taste buds was the lightly sweet flavor and texture combination. It can make any savory dish a lot sweet and add a very nice surprising flavor. So we just started trying it with everything. Especially great with sausages and ham, ah extra sweet makes us happy. So pretty much any meat dish got sweet elevation. We were quite sad that it wasn’t available every morning or else we would have had it every single day. Now can we learn how to make it ourselves?

Muesli Yoghurt (5 NOMs)

Breakfast brings everyone together like this Muesli Yoghurt a fusion of Swiss German and Indian dishes at all you can eat buffet. Another one of our favorite dishes from our trip and stay at Oberoi that supercharged our many mornings. Such a great presentation that caught our eye the first time they served it. Interesting fusion dish with some Indian yogurt and a Swiss-German mix of grains, dried fruits, seeds, and nuts. People said we should mix this together, but no we rather enjoy it like a layered cake with so many bold flavors together. This could be the first dish we had that might be too big of a portion. Now we are not complaining since it was so good we wanted more and more of it.

Paneer Omelet (4 NOMs)

It’s eggs meats cheese the only Indian way possible with Paneer Omelet. This is an egg heaven where they will make any egg dish your hungry tummy can desire. We went for a good old omelet with an Indian flavor by adding paneer cheese and spices. What a good flavor and gooey cheese combination. Not overly complex, yet so good and light. Plus they added some peppers, ham and few other veggies that made this a great way to start off our busy day. This was pretty small, but here portions are more appropriate so you can enjoy other nom noms at the buffet.

Chicken & Pork Sausages (4 NOMs)

For the country with so many vegetarians, they sure know how to prepare their meat sausages plus this is all you can eat them. We are big lovers of big sausages in our mouth. While they are not big we just fell in love with how well seasoned they were. Tasted so good we went back for few more servings. Really, what do they put in there? There must be some kind of drug in there because we became addicted. Since we can get anything with anything, we went crazy and eat these sausages with some fruits. Ahh, this was crazy amazing. Our favorite pairing was pork sausage with watermelon. Yeap we said it and did it every time.

Mysore Vada (5 NOMs)

It’s a heavy start with a light touch of deep-fried Mysore Vada a doughnut-shaped savory treat. The fun shape and presentation caught our eyes. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Even though it’s deep fried there is no heavy dough and overall Mysore Vada actually tasted relatively light. It had this very interesting veggie like and spice flavor in it. While you don’t need any sauce, it goes great with some spicy dipping sauce.

Breakfast Dosa (4 NOMs)

It’s dosa party!! Why not, when it’s all you can eat breakfast buffet. Didn’t realize Dosa can be a breakfast food, it was a very happy surprise. You have to order this from their main menu which they always encourage all guest to browse. Let’s just say, they sure love feeding you here. This is something we’ve had many times back home and of course, at the source, it taste is so much better. Much softer than what we use it and with so much more flavor. Plus, it came with some very nice dipping sauces. Got to be careful, in India it’s all a lot spicier.

Eggs Benedict (4 NOMs)

Taking a break from India with a nice serving of Eggs Benedict at the all you can eat buffet. With so many unique and fun dishes we had all week we wanted something simpler. Even though poached eggs and hollandaise are far from simple. Love how runny yoke was and went so great with the ham. They did something very fun and tasty to the hollandaise sauce. Either some kind of spice or simply using local ingredients in the area made it taste so good. You know how much we love breakfast and especially eggs so our standards are very high. They hit every note and made us very happy. Now the question is, can we have a few more servings of this?

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