Satisfy all your date’s hidden desires with a sexy Fetish Cocktail from Co Co Sala our favorite date night dessert restaurant in Penn Quarter, DC’s nightlife neighborhood. Once again we are at one of our most favorite restaurants on a date. A nice drink like this is the best way to start your date night, especially when it has such a naughty name. Not just a fun name, but also one of the best drinks we’ve ever had. With a first sip, you can just taste the perfectly crafted mix drink that might just outshine your date. So sweet and smooth it was more like enjoying a nice dessert rather than a cocktail. The strawberry sweetness combined with a nice amount of alcohol that might just give you a buzz. Just love the bold red and chocolate covered strawberry, after all at this place everything must have chocolate. It taste so good that you might want to order a few of them so make sure to have a ride home. Careful it taste so good that you might want to order a few of them so make sure to have a ride home. Great price too, in DC most drink range close to $10 to $13 for such dessert cocktails is a great price. This drink is proof that Co Co Sala is not just masters of desserts, but also creators of some of the best mix drinks in town.

My Drink is Sexier Than My Date, Fetish Cocktail @ Co Co Sala
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