Flaming Dragon Sushi $14 @ Harumi Sushi in San Jose California

This Sushi More Flaming Than Me @ Harumi Sushi in San Jose

Set your dinner on fire with Flaming Dragon Sushi from Harumi Sushi in San Jose, Bay Area, California. We were very excited to try some local sushi nomnoms while traveling in California. This place came highly recommended to us, so we went and ate it all. Now, this is an impressive presentation. The roll is not just hot but served wrapped in foil and set on fire. Careful, the plate might be hot. It’s not just a pretty roll, but also has a lot of flavors. After all, they packed a whole lot of ingredients into this dish with deep-fried shrimp, snow crab, spicy tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. To add a bit more hear to this roll, it also comes with tobiko sauce. For such a low price, they give you so much and serve it on fire. This deserves 6 NOMs! Price-wise it’s pretty standard for this kind of sushi with just $14. With so much going on, it tasted perfectly with a soft and crunchy texture that would make any sushi lover a happy nomster.

Check out a video below!


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