Flap Jack Bacon Cupcake @ Baked & Wired Georgetown DC

Flap Jack Bacon Cupcake @ Baked & Wired in Georgetown

I want my stack of pancakes in bacon cupcake form like this Flap Jack Bacon Cupcake from our favorite and best in town cupcake place in Georgetown, DC’s fashion district. We sure love pancakes and cupcakes, so can’t pass up a dessert that combines best of both plus bacon! Its Maple cake with very rich and sweet caramel icing on top. To complete this amazing cupcake you have an option to add very big chunks of real bacon to make it Bacon Cupcake. Bacon is optional? I’m sorry, but when it comes to bacon, there is no such thing as optional! Really forget any other cupcake place in town and just go here, these are truly the best in town.