Caramel Glazed Bacon Donut @ Gypsy Queen Food Truck

All bow down to the queen of all bacon things the Bacon Donut from Gypsy Queen Food Truck in Baltimore, a city not too far from DC. HOLY BACON GODS!!!! Hands down one of our most favorite dishes during Gathering 2013 DC vs Baltimore Food Trucks Competition. Its bacon on a donut, how can you pass this by! Then covered in super sweet and yummy caramel glazed topped with a whole lot of whipped cream. There was just not enough sugar on this dessert so they had to add even more. Plus topped with large pieces of bacon. I was so excited to try this that it was totally worth standing in line. Good thing the donut actually had its own separate line that was moving faster than the food line. Everyone just wanted to bite into the donut so much faster. I would just put my whole face into it. Wish we had them here in DC. Representing everything that is awesome about Baltimore trucks.

www.gypsyqueencafe.com / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp
Mount Vernon Baltimore, MD 21201


Strawberry Cheesecake @ That Cheesecake Truck

CHEESECAKE ON THE STICK! Always up for some food truck dessert at Gathering DC vs Baltimore Food Trucks. That is one of the most amazing creations ever made. It was a piece of legit cheesecake covered in a thick thick layer of chocolate on a stick. Makes so easy to eat on the go. Oh wow, my taste buds just went to heaven, came back and ate more of it. So good! You just have to try this. Way to represent DC in this food truck competition.

www.sweetzcheesecake.com / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp
8367 Snouffer School Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20879


Rib Rito Burrito @ Rito Loco Truck

Oh yea pulled baby back rib burrito! Time for some Boris size burritos. That thing is a pretty massive piece of meaty goodness. Watch out, it has a nice little kick. Not too much spice, just enough to make your mouth tingle. Everyone should have this big piece of meat in their mouth. Great way to represent Baltimore in this competition.

www.ritoloco.com / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp
Streets of Washington DC


Grill Cheese @ Wheyich Food Truck

Say hello to monster cheese! Exploring more crazy nomnoms at this fun competition. It might just eat you up if you don’t watch out. I love how much cheesy goodness is in there. That is one gooey grill cheese. You just have to try it. Great nom representing Baltimore food trucks.

www.wheyich.com / Yelp
Streets of Baltimore


Fried Avocado & Chicken Tacos @ El Cuervo Truck

You can never go wrong with some very nomnom tacos Baltimore style. Its all about the weird off the truck food at Gathering DC vs Baltimore Food Trucks. Fried Avocado was amazing!! It was like a strange mix of avocado sweet goodness all fried. Each taco comes with two very good corn tortilla. They are good, but two is just too much and added too much dryness. One tortilla was just perfect. The chicken was very good and comes with very crunchy crisp chicken. Added for nice crunchy noms. Excellent tacos that you just have to try. Great job representing Baltimore food trucks.

www.elcuervotruck.com / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp
Downtown Baltimore, MD


Food Truck Battle Royal DC vs Baltimore Gathering Event in Baltimore
Food Coma
5.0NOM Score

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