Fries from ParkwayDeli

French Fries $4 @ Parkway Deli in Silver Spring

Time to order a perfect pairing to any dish with French Fries from parkway Deli our favorite jewish deli in Silver Spring, DC’s large suburb. This place is the staple of the area, well know by the locals and always busy. Who doesn’t love some fries? I know we love them and when its order can never get enough. Even if you are already full you can find yourself just keep eating it. This would make a perfect side order to any dish at this great jewish deli. Even if I don’t order sandwich or burger, I still get these fries. They are super crispy and don’t taste dry or recently frozen. For just $4 you get enough fries for 3 people. Great side to share and enjoy with friends. It also makes a great appetizer if you need to nibble on something before main course. This hands down some of our most favorite fries in the area.