Fried Chicken $16 @ Busboys and Poets in Takoma DC

Fried Chicken @ Busboys and Poets in Takoma DC

Fancy up your Fried Chicken with a crispy halal order from Busboys and Poets a unique fusion restaurant in Takoma, DC’. We love fried chicken so we just had to try out their version. Its more like eating one very large cornmeal crusted chicken steak served with a side of Chardonnay white sauce. Oh la la, that sounds so fancy. Wasn’t sure if it was for mash potatoes or the meat so we just poured it all over everything. A lot of chicken, but the overall the serving is pretty thin so each bite was soft and juicy. Comes with a nice order of collard greens that were good enough to be their own dish. Of course like any fried chicken, it comes with mashed potatoes. Best way to enjoy this order is with a little bit of everything in every bite. Not the cheapest dish $16, but its a lot of food so you might just have some leftovers. Very hearty and heavy dish so careful you might fall into food coma later on.