Goldberg Sandwich @ Brooklyn's Deli Rockville

Goldberg Sandwich $12 @ Brooklyn’s Deli Rockville

Its meat sandwich overflow in my mouth. Get ready for some Brooklyn style sandwiches right here in DC metro area Rockville. They truly master our favorite kind of sandwich, the messy pile of crazy slobbering. Bite into it and you can just taste giant pieces of roast beef meat with mozzarella cheese all over. Things can get messy here, things start to pop out and cover your whole face with all the tasty things. Make sure to get extra napkins to clean up. Like most sandwiches here, they put lots of yummy coleslaw on top. We rarely like coleslaw, but here they got it just right. So hard not to finish the whole thing, but beware they are very heavy and might just put you in food coma heaven. One of our to go places for sandwiches.