Grilled Brussels Sprouts @ Dino’s Grotto on U Street in Washington DC

Grilled Brussels Sprouts @ Dino’s Grotto on U Street in DC

Get ready for a gateway drug of amazing food with an appetizer like Grilled Brussels Sprouts from Dino’s Grotto an Italian restaurant on U Street/Shaw in Washington DC. This is defiantly a must try dish while waiting for the rest of your food. On the menu, it looks relatively simple, but when it comes to flavor there is nothing simple about this dish. Grilled to perfection brussels sprouts with perfectly caramelized big onions, crispy walnut, and Italian saba sauce. Eating this was pure joy especially those walnuts that you don’t normally expect. They added a great flavor and crust to the dish. With so few ingredients they are able to achieve such an impressive combination of flavors. Pretty big appetizer for $12 with enough to share with a few friends. You know you are about to enjoy some of the best food in town when the appetizer is this good.

Disclaimer: the dish was provided by the restaurant free of charge, read more.

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1914 Ninth Street NWWashington DC 20001