Grilled Squid from Romulo Cafe Manila Philippines

Grilled Squid $14 @ Romulo Cafe in Makati Philippines

Beauty in every bite when exploring upscale Filipino food like Grilled Squid from Romulo Cafe in Makati, a suburb of Manila Philippines. We are continuing our Philippines trip by diving into some weird nomnoms. This being a more upscale restaurant, the prices a bit higher, but still, this is just $14 (450 Pesos). Talk about an excellent presentation. Sad to disturb it by eating, but that won’t stop us. It has perfectly prepared grilled squid stuffed with gooey cheesy goodness, tomatoes, and onions. Squid tents to be more on a hard side, but with soft gooey on the inside. With every bite, you have to add some squid-ink rice. An excellent dish that you have to try.