Sandwiches are one of the greatest foodie inventions ever; they are fun and tasty to eat. So how can you now love them? It’s defiantly one of the things we go out to get very often, so we compiled a list of our favorite sandwiches from Washington DC Metro Area. Let us know what your choice is.

Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich @ G Street Food

We are big fans of Vietnamese sandwich Banh Mi, but this is one of the best in town with its unique fusion combination of flavors. This is by far the most impressive Banh Mi in town. There is so much flavor that at first bite in your taste buds get amazed. So amazed you just have to take another and another bite.

Banh Mi @ G Street Food

Crab Cake Sandwich $16 @ Farmers Fishers Bakers Georgetown

We sure love our crabs here in DC area. Nothing above average is even considered good, which is why this is such a good crab cake. Its a crabby goodness with every bite that makes one of our favorite sandwiches. Good balance with spices and delicious Maryland Crab that would make any local fan tasty.

Crab Cake Sandwich $16 @ Farmers Fishers Bakers Georgetown DC

Nobadeer Thanksgiving Sandwich @ Jetties Bethesda

Year round thanksgiving dinner! You read it right, its everything and anything you eat at Thanksgiving in a sandwich form. Roasted turkey and stuffing with cranberry sauce and mayonnaise on sourdough.

Nobadeer Sandwich from Jetties Bethesda

Scheherazade Sandwich @ Booeymonger Friendship Heights

Its lunch time and you know you want a nice tasty sandwich. All the sweet and savory flavor combinations make this one of our favorite sandwiches. Ordering things with weird names can be scary! Great to stop by one of our favorite sandwich places in town. Very interesting, the addition of mango chutney was awesome.

Scheherazade Sandwich $7 @ Booeymonger Friendship Heights DC

Monte Cristo Sandwich @ Scion Silver Spring

Perfect combination of the two french toast and ham sandwich all in one! FRENCH TOAST SANDWICH what not to like about that!!! Stuffed with thick layer turkey, ham and swiss cheese. How crazy is that? Make it even more crazy by adding an egg. Brunch must always have eggs. Make sure to poar all of the sweetness of syrup.

Monte Cristo Sandwich $11 Brunch @ Scion Silver Spring

Fried Eggplant Sandwich @ Urbana Dupont Circle

Who knew eggplant can taste this good! Its a whole surprise of flavors that makes this one of our favorite sandwiches.

Fried Eggplant Sandwich $10 @ Urbana Dupont Circle

Russo’s Tower Sandwich @ Heckman’s Deli Betheda

Larger things are always better especially when they taste good. So no surprise this is one of our favorite sandwiches. Four decker sandwich that comes with not just one or two, but with three different type of meats: corned beef, pastrami, and turkey between four pieces of rye bread. Every layers comes with a whole lot of very tasty coleslaw drenched in thousand island dressing.

Russo's Tower Sandwich $15 @ Heckman's Deli Betheda

Guide to Best Sandwiches in Washington DC Metro Area
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