Gyro from Big Greek Cafe

Gyro & Greek Fries @ Big Greek Cafe in Down Town Silver Spring

Go big for your lunch with Gyro Wednesday particular $5 Gyro from Big Greek Cafe in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city like a suburb. Welcome to our favorite classic cafe in the area. They serve some of the best Gyros and what can be better than ordering them for just $5 only Wednesdays though you should order it even if it’s not Wednesday special. It’s full of nomnoms in every bite. The lam is the star of this dish so soft and light yet with a nice crunch. So flavorful that it doesn’t get overpowered by a whole lot of tzatziki sauce and feta cheese, even if you add the extra it comes with. It comes wrapped in very soft and tasty pita bread. You have to order their Greek Fries as a side for extra $2. Perfectly crunchy and topped with feta cheese and seasoning its joy in every bite. The fries are so good they can almost compete in awesomeness with the gyro. I love adding all that extra cheese and chips into my gyro. SO set your calendar reminders and make sure to order your Gyro.