Heckman's Cheesecake @ Heckman's Deli Bethesda

Heckman’s Cheesecake $7 @ Heckman’s Deli Bethesda

There is no authentic dinner without large brick of cheesecake dessert from one of the unique delis in Bethesda, DC suburb. A somewhat annoying patron of this deli was raving about how good the cheesecake is. So we decided to test out all the claims and order a slice. Figure its just a slice and won’t be too much since we are crazy stuffed from Big G Sandwich, one of the biggest things we ever put in our mouth. Is this a slice? More like a whole cheesecake that even two of us had trouble finishing. For an extra two dollars, you can get strawberries and whipped cream. We always go for the extra things because we can never get enough of sweet things. It wasn’t just big but very thick and dense. Every bite felt very heavy and a bit too cheesy. It didn’t have that light and fluffy texture we came to expect. Always nice to try a different take on dishes. Its defiantly on a heavy side of desserts which kind of made it hard for us to eat, but don’t worry it was all gone at the end. We don’t leave empty plates behind.