Herb Crusted Prime Rib Steak from Founding Farmers

Herb Crusted Prime Rib $24 @ Founding Farmers

All hail the king of all steaks. My eye literary widened when I saw this. Look at how thick that giant chunk of meat is. This is one of the best steak’s I’ve ever tasted. its so big that we couldn’t finish it and we tried! You know its good when you forget to add sauce. So I just skipped it and enjoyed this seasoned to perfection steak. It comes with Mac n Cheese? YES!!!! Another reason to order this is this super cheesy creamy mac. They know their cheesiness here. You get a choice of your side and I recommend mind blowing Asparagus. Its nothing like anything I’ve ever tried. Can you tell I really liked this dish? In words of my friend “The best slab of meat I’ve ever tasted.”