Jagerschnitzel Mit Eier from Biergarten Haus

Meat Orgy in Da Haus, German Breakfast @ Biergarten Haus

The meat orgy in da haus, JA! Now that’s the only way to describe this amazing dish, German Breakfast or as their menu says Jagerschnitzel Mit Eier from Biergarten Haus on H Street. After all, why only eat one type of meat, when you can have three. Add three eggs over easy on top and you got an amazing meaty dish! Pork cutler was so soft and full of flavors it just hit the right spot to start your day. Germans sure know their big juicy sausages and we are a big fan of them!! The big sausage part at least ;). Especially when it topped with even more meat. Jagerschnitzel does sound like some kind of weird German sex orgy thing, right? I thought braised red cabbage was a bit weird addition, but add some curry ketchup and meat with every bite was delicious. Breakfast potatoes weren’t that breakfasty and really just french fries, it works for me. While it’s not a cheap dish with a price tag of $17, there is so much food that even I struggled a bit to finish it up, had most amazing food coma afterwards. A must try for all meaty lovers because you can never have enough meat.