Kalbi Wrap @ AZN Eats Truck at Taste of DC

The Must Have Food Truck Dish from AZN Eats During Taste of DC

Wrap me in lettuce this year Taste of DC is all about the food trucks. First thing its a lettuce wrap? I am intrigued by this and just have to try it. Lettuce is not just there so we can say is healthier, no it truly adds a unique flavor. Eating the spare ribs by themselves and with wrap are completely different flavors. Great way to incorporate meat and veggies. So make sure to wrap it up! With so few things in there it had a whole lot of flavor. All it is char-grilled short ribs, sesame oil, rice, and scallions. It was hard not to just stuff the whole thing into my mouth. Tasted so good, I couldn’t get enough of it and thought about ordering a few more of them. Spare ribs were prepared to perfection with a nice glaze over them. Shows you that you can do more with less. Make sure to order this if you come across this truck at lunch time in DC area. Great value for your money for just $5. Honestly, might just get two of them! Not just the best dish from Taste of DC, but probably one of the best dishes you can find in food trucks and restaurants in all of DC area!! Yea we said it and stand behind these claims, now make us some of this!!!

Did you try it at this year’s Taste of DC? Share with us, we love foodie chat.

www.azneats.com / www.thetasteofdc.org