Pop my magic corn for dessert from a food truck at Taste of DC 2014, this year’s biggest foodie event. Great way to end your adventure with a tasty treat. I am a total dessert size queen and always want the biggest, but this small is way too big big. If this is small, I’m scared to see their large. Though for just 2 dollars, you really don’t need any more. Several people can easily enjoy this bag. This small bag was endless, I kept on eating and it just won’t end. Freshly off their kettle, the bag was so warm just made me want to snuggle with it. Mhhh you can feel all the popcorn love warms in every bag. Also, good way to stay warm on a cold day. Big things come in small packages, each popped into a very large ball of popcorn goodness. With a nice crispiness on the outside, it just called for you to keep eating it on a go as you enjoy Taste of DC. Even after finishing the whole bag it still didn’t feel like I finished a whole bag. Very light and sweet this made for a great dessert.

Did you try it at this year’s Taste of DC? Share with us, we love foodie chat.

www.facebook.com/Jwave5kettlecorn / www.thetasteofdc.org
Kettle Corn $2 @ J Wave's Kettle Corn at Taste of DC
4.4NOM Score

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