Korean Burger from Quench

Korean Burger $12 @ Quench Rockville

My special move is kimchi punch. It is getting some Korean flavor burger for lunch in one of our favorite places in Rockville, DC suburb. Kimchi on a burger? Got to try that for sure. Sounded much better then it tasted. Its a nice thick and juicy house grounded burger, really soft, but the kimchi and ginger pickled slaw seem to be the only thing we tasted. For so much meat, it’s a very veggie tasting burger. Maybe both are just too much and pick just one? It wasn’t even a strong flavor, and just everything seems to be on a more bland side. Added a fried egg, its like bacon, always a great addition. Though $2 is a lot. It does come with excellent french fries on a side, big fan of dipping them into bulgogi sauce. Still, consider this to be one of our favorite places, but not likely to order this again.