Vegans know their meat, especially with Korean Steak Burger from a vegan, vegetarian and carnivore Korean fusion restaurant in a heart of Takoma Park, DC’s artsy suburb. Who knew vegans make one mean meaty burger! The only way to make black angus beef burger better is to just top it with Korean Steak! Love the fun flavor mixture and new tasty take on burger. Double the meat layer means double the tasty goodness. Also means double the effort to fit it in your mouth. Good thing for you we are master of fitting big things in our mouthes. This made this hungry nomster very happy. The only thing that would make this better is more fries. I mean really the mouth you get is a joke. HUNGRY JOKE! Still it was a great burger from one our most favorite places in DC area. You have to try this and lot of other crazy nomnom dishes they have.


Korean Steak Burger $9 @ Mark's Kitchen Takoma Park
4.6NOM Score

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Hi, I'm a food blogger who is eating the world one dish at the time. Its simple, I love to eat. Who doesn't? My goal is to share so much food that you just can't stop but drool. Fear the NOM! Embrace the NOM! Exploring local restaurants and share short reviews. Its not about the place, its about the dish and my hungry nomster. Lets eat.

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