Update: Sadly as of now this dish has been discontinued at Scion Silver Spring. Tell them how upset you and demand it returns!

The dreams of every Mac n Cheese love are made of this Lobster Bacon Jalapeno Mac n Cheese from a brand new Scion restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city like a suburb. Guess who is super excited about brand new Scion location right in Silver Spring. Holy cheesy macaroni, it’s not just one cheese, but five different blends with lobster, bacon and jalapeno deliciousness. You can never have enough cheese! It comes with whole lot lobster and top of bacon bits. As you bite into it, you will discover a subtle little hint of Jalapeños. As you enjoy every single bite of this dish, you realize how heavy it and might question if you can finish it. It’s one of those dishes that even if you are full, you can’t stop eating. Only one is leaving this table; it’s either you or this Mac n Cheese. Its the dish that will challenge your taste buds and ability to finish dinner. Its an adventure worth taking for one of the best Mac n Cheese in town.

One thing that is upsetting about this dish is that it’s not available for brunch. WTF!!! It’s your best dish, and you are not serving it. Don’t make us hangry! It’s ok; they have plenty of other great dishes.

www.scionrestaurant.com / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp Silver Spring
1200 East West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910
Holy Cheese its Lobster Bacon Jalapeno Mac n Cheese
5.0NOM Score

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