Liempo from MaNild's Ilonggo's Sinugba Manila Philippines

Liempo $2 @ MaNild’s Ilonggo’s Sinugba in Ecopark Manila Philippines

Enjoy a nice lunch right in the middle of a park with Liempo from MaNild’s Ilonggo’s Sinugba, a cafe in Ecopark Manila, Philippines. Get some belly into my belly! It’s not very often you come across a public park where you can order something like this. Especially when it’s for just $2 (65 Pesos) Let’s try some grilled pork belly marinated in crushed garlic, vinegar, salt, and pepper. You can taste the delicious marinate sauce, but not too much that the authentic pork flavor still comes through. Of course, like any Filipino dish, there is always rice. It was a great way to offset slightly too over the slated egg. The only thing, I kind of wish there was more pork belly.