Baklava from Big Greek Cafe at Taste of Fenton

Its like kissing a greek god, Baklava Dessert @ Big Greek Cafe

It’s like kissing a Greek god when you are eating Baklava a dessert from Big Greek cafe, our favorite gyro place in Down Town Silver Spring. Who said you can’t eat dessert first? Especially when it’s a honey nut goodness like this. This would make any fan of overly sweet things just fall in love with every bite. Crunchy layers on top with gooey honey and nut layer at the bottom. It’s always great to enjoy a nice sweet bottom ;). It’s so sweet that eating the whole thing might just give you sugar overload, so its perfect to share with friends. Though we are sugar junkies and would easily eat this whole thing up. What is even more exciting is that they now get even more great desserts from New York that we just can’t wait to try.

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939 Bonifant St Silver Spring, MD 20910