Mac and Cheese Appetizer @ Scion Silver Spring

Mac and Cheese Appetizer $7 @ Scion Silver Spring

Start your lunch with Mac and Cheese appetizer at our favorite Silver Spring restaurants, DC suburb. Forget those boring one cheese macs and say hello to a five cheese blend. In the world of more always better, especially when it comes to good food, this hits the spot to feed the hungry nomsters. It nicely baked its a thick cheese crust on top and gooey cheese sauce all over large mac. We love their Lobster Bacon JalapeƱo Mac and Cheese, but this is a perfect alternative to enjoy the similar dish and still have some more room to explore their unique menu. Nice sizable portion too, easily can be a whole meal for one person or good to share with a few friends. Careful, sharing this dish might be hard; it’s so good that it might get devoured in no time. You can make it even better by adding some bacon for an extra 1 dollar. Hey, it’s so worth it because bacon always makes everything so much better.

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1200 East West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910