Maple Pork Belly Sandwich @ Scion Silver Spring

Belly Happy Time with Maple Pork Belly Sandwich @ Scion Silver Spring

Get ready for some happy belly in your belly with this amazing sandwich at one of our favorite Silver Spring restaurants, DC suburb. Its a beauty on a plate, colorful and sparkling, it gives you a pause to enjoy how beautiful it is. So many different distinct flavors from savory to sweet it was one of the best combinations. The maple glazed pork belly was simply divine. So thick and yet so soft, it’s a perfect pork that just might be addicting. Maybe there is something more than just maple glaze in there? This is the type of a dish you eat slowly to savor every single bite. We love the pork, but it’s not the only thing that made this one of the tastiest sandwiches we tried. The Croissant Bun really helped to elevate this dish to the whole new flavor level. It added that nice slight sweetness with a crunch. Awesomeness is not over, it comes topped with Apple-Fennel Slaw. It added a nice light flavor that worked perfectly with pork. So much better than eating some boring cole slaw. This sandwich will make you want to rub your belly with a smile. Come served with a nice serving of very tasty french fries. No need for ketchup or any other dipping sauce, just enjoy their natural fried flavors. This is one of our new favorite dishes at this place. It might just make you want to scream, Put some belly in my belly!

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1200 East West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910