Maple Pulled Pork & Fried Eggs $13 @ Paladar in Gaithersburg Rio Maryland

Upgrade Your Brunch to Next Level with Pork, Eggs and Cornbread @ Paladar

Upgrade your brunch to the next level with a unique fusion dish like Maple Pulled Pork & Fried Eggs from Paladar a new Latin restaurant in Gaithersburg. Their location in a newly built town center bring some super tasty and fun American / Hispanic fusion dishes. Beautiful view with beautiful flavors is the perfect way to start the day. This is defiantly a unique take on breakfast with a thick and very soft cornbread topped with a two sunny side up eggs and pulled pork. The bread wasn’t the only unique thing, the pulled pork was very soft and cut thick. Plus it wasn’t as saucy so it did not overpower the rest of the dish so you can taste everything. The final gem of this dish is the sweet syrup on the cornbread. It added that nice sweet hint to a savory dish. The runny yolk combined with pork, cornbread and sweet syrup made for a great flavor and texture combination. For a brunch dish this was reasonably priced for $14. This was very exciting to visit this beautiful restaurant in brand new The Crossings At Washingtonian Town Center.