Masa Breakfast Pizza Tapas $7 @ MASA 14 on U St in DC

The Joy of Personal Breakfast Pizza @ MASA 14

Unleash the joy of your very own Masa Breakfast Pizza from Masa 14, Asian Latin Fusion restaurant on U St in DC with one of the best-unlimited brunches in town. Who doesn’t want to start their day with an excellent breakfast pizza? Holy pizza there is sunny side up egg on top!!! Plus, there is BACON and gruyere cheese. Ah what a fantastic pizza, I can eat one all by myself or maybe a couple of them. It usually costs $7 which is still an excellent price for such a nom dish, but hey when it’s unlimited you should order up everything/

Make sure to come here for brunch and go with unlimited brunch for $25 or $35 with unlimited drinks — a great way to try all their nomnoms.