Forget mimosas at Sunday brunch and instead go for Mason Dixon Mojito Jar drink at our favorite 8407 Kitchen Bar in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city like a suburb. Their drink menu just called out to us and this drink caught our eye. Specifically, this very sweet strawberry mojito that just hit the spot. Don’t let the fruitiness fool you, its a very alcohol heavy drink that just might give you that buzz before the food even gets there. Don’t be a surprise if you end up ordering a few more of these. First thought its a bit pricey drink, but look at the size of that jar. It’s more like two or three drinks in there. So sweet and sugary, its a perfect way to spend your Sunday at one of the best restaurants in the area.
Mason Jar Alcoholism with Dixon Mojito @ 8407 Kitchen (CLOSED)
4.2NOM Score

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