Meyer Lemon Rickey Cocktail @ Dino's Grotto on U Street in Washington DC

Meyer Lemon Rickey Cocktail @ Dino’s Grotto on U Street in Washington DC

Alcohol makes the best appetizer like Meyer Lemon Rickey Cocktail from Dino’s Grotto an Italian restaurant on U Street/Shaw in Washington DC. The exploring drink menu is the best way to spend the time while waiting for some food. Plus with some great appetizers on the table, there is really no excuse not to try a drink or five. A lot of interesting flavors combined in this drink with Meyer lemon infused vodka, fresh line juice, ginger syrup, and soda. With so many different savory flavors this drink is not as sweet as we prefer our cocktails. Though it’s also not overly too sour which means sweet tooth like us can easily enjoy it for $12. After this can’t wait to explore more of their alcohol menu.

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1914 Ninth Street NWWashington DC 20001