Mini Cava Breakfast @ Cava Mezza on Capitol Hill in DC

Mini Cava Breakfast @ Cava Mezze on Capitol Hill in DC

A real man eats big breakfast on small plates like this Mini Cava Breakfast at Cava Mezze one of our favorite unlimited tapas brunch places on Capitol Hill in DC. You know you need to power yourself up with a hearty breakfast like this. It has everything you need poached eggs, potatoes hash, and bacon. Love that perfectly seasoned hash with potatoes, onions, and peppers. So few things, yet taste so good. Went so well with that large poached egg on top and running yoke. After all, any egg dish like that must always have a runny yolk. It adds that nice flavor and texture. Pretty cheap order too, on a normal day it only $7, but best to enjoy it during their unlimited $30 brunch.

You really should consider doing their unlimited/bottomless brunch so you can truly enjoy every single dish of their fun menu. Plus if you fell into flavor love with an order you can have more of it.

www.cavamezze.com / Yelp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
527 8th St SE Washington, DC 20003