Mofongos Rellenos Bacalao from Cafe Del Angel San Juan Puerto Rico

Mofongos Rellenos Bacalao $13 @ Cafe Del Angel

Do you want to mofongo? Let’s dive into a popular dish we heard we have to try here in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The first bite, it became one of our favorite recipes from the trip. Its a giant tower of deep-fried plantain mashed together and stuffed with nomnom goodies. Cooked in a yummy BBQ like spicy broth and got to include it in every spoonful. The Bacalao is a vegetable version stuffed with broccoli, carrots, and more. Very dense and heavy dish, yet very soft texture. Different flavors explode in your mouth. Way too much food for one person and might be too much for two to share. There are many different versions you can try like stuffed with chicken, pork, and fish. This dish is so popular you might even see a T-shirt around San Juan with “Got Mofongo?”. Must try!