Warm Mexican Chocolate Tart from Birch & Barley

Multi Course Dinner at Birch & Barley DC Restaurant Week

House-Cured Sardines

You got to love those sardines, the sauce, confit lemon, and pennants was a great mixture. it’s a very small dish, more like super tiny. Hard to split with friends or eat by yourself. Great dish to enjoy during DC’s Restaurant Week 2012.

Sunchoke Tortellini @ Birch & Barley

Came very highly recommended by the waiter and he was right. That was a great starter! Let’s add 20 more, please? A good dish to enjoy during DC’s Restaurant Week 2012.

Brat Burger

Don’t be such a brat, eat this Brat Burger during restaurant week from a unique restaurant in Logan Circle, DC’s foodie neighborhood. I really enjoyed this burger, great flavor meat and good topping choice of beer-braised sauerkraut. Those were some solid fries! Most Restaurant Week orders are relatively small, but this one is a size of my regular lunch. Great dish to enjoy during DC Restaurant Week 2012.

Warm Mexican Chocolate Tart

Well hello, sexy! Now, this was an amazing dessert! There is so much going on. Fried bananas, ice cream, chocolate, and more. The tamarind ice cream was so good that I could just eat a whole bucket of it. Five more to go pls?

Goat’s Milk Cheesecake

desert time, Now this is a great take on cheesecake. I like the mix of salted olive oil ice cream, port poached pears, and pistachio.

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