Mushroom Truffle Mac n Cheese $9 @ Adega Silver Spring

Mushroom Truffle Mac n Cheese $9 @ Adega Down Town Silver Spring

We are making on some cheese with Mushroom Truffle Mac n Cheese is one of our favorite dinner spots in Down Town Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. You won’t find this Mac & Cheese in every cellar! Its almost too pretty to eat, but only almost and we ate the whole thing. They don’t skim on that cheesy sauce, and it was a perfect amount of cheesiness. Just the way we like our Mac & Cheese. Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Plus, bacon on top! Can never go wrong with something like this. They got that cheese formula down so well that this didn’t taste heavy at all. Mushrooms did kind of get lost, but I wasn’t too sad about it as long as I have the cheese and bacon. The only thing they might have gone a bit too crazy with truffle on top. I highly recommend it for those with big cheesy cravings.