Hungry for some lunch or dinner, but too busy with work? Then you must try Mezze Box and its delicious freshly made Mediterranean dishes delivered right to your door or desk. This family own service now been operating in Washington DC metro area for some time and ready to impress you with their daily made small batches of dishes. Perfect for workaholics and night owls who are just busy bee all the time. Their menu that changes every Friday includes a nice selection of very tasty dishes for everyone. Especially great for vegetarians as they are catering a large number of dishes. Each dish comes with instructions on serving and storage for your leftovers. Based on their website they are working on being more transparent and provide information on nutritious so you will be able to make even better healthy choices. Remember, this is a small family own business 🙂 We got a chance to try some of their popular dishes and fell in love with this food service right away.

Disclaimer: the food featured here was provided by Mezze Box, but all opinions are honest and our own.

Roasted Garlic Chicken & Potatoes $13 (5/5 NOMs)

Get ready to be wowed by aroma and flavor with what was our favorite dish Chicken & Potatoes. As soon as you open the box you are hit with this amazing aroma of seasonings and spices. It sounds like a simple dish, but there is nothing simple about this dish. It’s like they put some drugs in there and just couldn’t stop eating it. All about that seasoning on the chicken and potatoes. Love that chicken didn’t taste heavy or was covered din sauce. An overall dish actually tasted very healthy and didn’t cause us food coma. Though that didn’t stop us from having several servings after already being full. It helped that it was more chicken heavy. Everything about it was just pure tummy joy! Doesn’t look like a big dish, but actually quite filling so we had some leftovers for next day.

Roasted Kafta and Vegetables $15 (4/5 NOMs)

A hearty dish for that hungry nomster that might just make you a Kafta addict. We discovered that we are a fan of this ground beef, parsley, onions, and spices blend. So many great ingredients together create a unique flavor combination in these little meatballs. Then roasted together with some large tomatoes, eggplant, and potatoes. Kafta and vegetables had almost the opposite texture combination which went great together. Now, this is one very filling dish that would satisfy any hungry nomster. This dish’s flavors profile is a bit more subtle but just as enjoyable.

Lentil & Rice Salad $9 (4/5 NOMs)

Another great dish especially for those who love Lentils. Though for us the best part were the fried onions. They tasted so good we could just eat a whole dish made just out of them. There might have been a few moments where we got pita bread and put fried onions on it with some hummus and went to hungry town on it Could be salad just in name since this dish was heavier than most others we’ve tried. We enjoyed it more as a complimentary side to other dishes.

Green Bean Salad $9 (3/5 NOMs)

Out of all the great dishes, we tried this was probably our least favorite. While not a bad dish and definitely tasted light and healthy, it just didn’t hit our taste buds. IN a way I was confused if it should be served cold or hot since it had green beans in there. Compared to other dishes this was far more bland and tasted like it needed something. One thing that made this a better dish is following box’s recommendation to add humans as part of their “make it a meal”. Meal adds some hummus, olives and pita bread. Oh yea that made it taste better, but we also had to add lots of it in there. Now as we mentioned, it’s not a bad dish and great for those who like to eat healthily. Just for us, it was a bit too healthy.

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Mezze Box New Ready Meal Delivery Service for Those Busy Bees
4.4NOM Score

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