Nutella Cheesecake @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

Nutella Cheesecake @ Sugo Osteria in Rockville Maryland

It’s a dessert that’s just too thick to handle when you eat Nutella Cheesecake from Sugo Osteria in Rockville, DC’s large town suburb! That thing was so rich and heavy that I think I just ate an entire jar of Nutella awesomeness. Topped with very thick whip cream. This cheesecake is one of the few things they don’t make in-house and get it delivered from a bakery in New York City. I recommend this for sharing, trying to eat all by yourself may result in dessert come. The best coma ever!

12505 Park Potomac Ave Potomac, Maryland
www.eatsugo.com / Facebook / Yelp