Orea Speedwagon Milkshake @ Burger Tap & Shake in Tenleytown Washington DC

Take a wagon to sweet town with Oreo Milkshake @ Burger Tap & Shake in Tenleytown

It brings all the drunk boys to the yard with alcoholic Oreo Speedwagon Milkshake from Burger Tap & Shake in on Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown, Washington DC. After checking out some college boys and enjoying a nice Southern Comfort Burger we just had to get a spiked adult shake. It combines everything we love the oreo cookies, vanilla ice cream, and alcohol. Super sweet with a nice hint of coffee liquor. Very happy that the alcohol is not overpowering the other flavors so you can still enjoy a nice dessert with a buzz. Don’t drink it too fast or you might get double vision. Highly recommend this with your burger order. After all, no burger can go without a milkshake. We were so tempted to order up another one or try another one. So many to choose from so you know we will be back for more.

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4445 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC 20016