Eurovision 2018
Photo by: Andres Putting

Our Eurovision 2018 Top 10 Picks

It’s time for one of the biggest music competitions in the world, the Eurovision 2018! We are happy to bring you our 10 top pics after watching all of their videos. Oh, that was a lot. If you never heard of this or never watched it before, then what is wrong! Get to it right now. This is a 60-year-old competition that started after World War 2 to unite war-torn Europe. Each country sends a representative from all over Europe, in addition, Israel and Australia participate. We are big fans of this competition in part because of how campy and silly it can be and also we originally from Europe. The Eurovision competition for the first time was aired in the USA in 2017 on Logo and its back again in 2018. In the past, most songs were in English, but this year there are a lot more songs in their native language.

You can watch all 43 entries on their main Eurovision Song Contest Youtube Channel.

Our Eurovision Top 10

Not in any particular order, we just really like these songs.

Netta – TOY from Israel

Is it a chicken song? Not sure, but it sure starts that way and then morphs into a mix of pop and other styles. Love the rhythm, lyrics, and backup dancers. Also, she is taking her Pikachu home! It’s by far our favorite song of the Eurovision 2018

Saara Aalto – Monsters from Finland

The gayness is strong. WE LOVE IT! One of our top picks of the year for sure. Love her strong vocals and randomness of the backup dancers. This is what Eurovision is all about, the random, the out there, and we have no idea, but give us more.

Eugent Bushpepa – Mall from Albania

The melody is beautiful, we may not know what the song is about, but it is very enjoyable. All the choreography and movements match the song and feel of it so well.

Rasmussen – Higher Ground from Denmark

Its the sexy modern Vikings! The song is very grand and bigger than life, which we can really enjoy.

DoReDos – My Lucky Day from Moldova

This song gives us the warm and sunny feeling. Sometimes you don’t need random and just want sweetness.

ZiBBZ – Stones from Switzerland

This song captured our ears because of how different the melody and lyrics are from the rest. While it changes from low to high, it’s different from the rest of the competition.

Elina Nechayeva – La Forza from Estonia

OMG, that dress!!!! The stage is the dress. She wins already just on that. Fine, it’s not just her dress, but that amazing voice. Another song, we are not that sure what is it about. We could google it, but why, when it sounds so beautiful and emotional. You don’t always need to understand the words to feel the song.

Vanja Radovanovic – Inje from Montenegro

2018 is the year of more native languages over English in the Eurovision. Another song that we are not sure what it means, but it sounds very emotional.

Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me from Czech Republic

We are always fans of cute boys! This song has a great rhythm and beat to it. very much a bad boy of the 1950s USA.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – Together from Ireland

Eurovision is very gay, which is one of many reasons we love it. So we are happy when its a very clearly a song about gay love. YAY!!!!!!