Donut of the Day from Monterey San Antonio Texas

Outstanding Mexican Fusion Brunch @ Monterey San Antonio (CLOSED)

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Fried Green Tomatoes & Eggs $12

Eggs with what? Time for some amazing Mexican fusion on a whole new level in San Antonio, Texas. Probably one of the best dishes from my trip to San Antonio, TX. I mean, how often can you find Fried Green Tomatoes eggs with cheddar hollandaise?? You could really taste the cheddar with hollandaise, but not overpowering.

Foie Gras Pancakes $20

His royal highness of all pancakes. Time for some amazing Mexican fusion on a whole new level in San Antonio, Texas. Talk about some awesome pancakes. Just fell in love with the taste. It didn’t taste super heavy as many pancakes do. Very light. Not a cheap order, but I was a very satisfied and happy foodie. Not a cheap dish, so be prepared to pay a lot for the plate. Still, a great dish I really enjoyed.

Donut of the Day

Everything is bigger in Texas, so it’s Donut of the Day from Monterey, an amazing Tex-Mex fusion restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. This might be bigger than our big mouth can handle. Donut in name, but looks more like a giant hole. Wonder where it came from? Though we don’t really care when enjoying a nice nom nom dessert. Now this is the kind of dish you don’t often see, and we just had to order it up. Good price too, for just $4 it’s enough to share with a few friends, or just eat all on your own. Can’t save it was the most sweet thing we had, flavor wise it was a bit low and tasted like there is a need for more sugar. MORE SUGAR!

Big Red Sauce

Xsoda sauce, anyone? Yeap sauce made out of Big Red soda in San Antonio! It’s a popular soda drink in Texas that we here in the DC area do not have. I think it’s better than soda itself. Would you order sauce like this? I got to say it goes great with eggs, hehe. / Facebook / Yelp
1127 S St Mary’s St San Antonio, TX 78210