Ox Brisket from Urban Butcher

Meat Lover Delight Ox Brisket @ Urban Butcher in Down Town Silver Spring

That’s not your mama’s brisket, an amazing Ox Brisket from masters of meat in urban Butcher in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s suburb. Who needs beef when you can eat Ox. Cooked to perfection for 48 hours, it’s so tender it just melts in your mouth. No need for a knife, just use your fork with ease. A layer of meatiness with yummy fitness goodies. Brisket had a nice surprising sweet flavor from honey-ginger jus. Served with very light and soft potato puree. Every ingredient picked perfectly to match and enhance an entire dish. First I thought its kind of small for $18, but it was extremely filling and flavourful dish that left us very happy nomsters. Perfect dish to share with few friends and try other dishes. Great to see brand new meat place in Silver Spring.