Pate of Rabbit & Quail Livers from Luke

Pate of Rabbit & Quail Livers $8 @ Luke

Luke pated all over. We got to be their very first costumers for their brand new brunch noming adventure. Very excited to enjoy very first brunch at Chef John Besh’s San Antonio water walk restaurant. Holy nomnom this is the best pate I’ve ever had. Not just one meat ingredient, but two with rabbit and quail. Such a great flavor combination. This dish is served inside an awesome mason jar. I was expecting just a little bit for the portion, but there is a whole lot of this nomnom. Enjoy it on top of very crunchy fresh bread with a few very fun and unique, unusual toppings like watermelons, cactus, green bean, and unique mustard mix. My favorite was the marinated cactus!!! This is a must-try dish when you come to Luke restaurant.