Pig + Fish $25 @ Pig & Fish Rehoboth

Pig + Fish $25 @ Pig & Fish Rehoboth (CLOSED)

The pig is strong in that fish, unleashing all the love of meat dinner dish from the masters of pig and fish while on an adventure in Rehoboth Delaware, the rainbow beach town. Can’t pass this restaurant namesake dish that embodies all land and sea meat goodness. Thick pieces of soft and tender mustard braised pork belly with big seared scallops. Oh god, those two were cooked to perfection. Each bite of pork and scallops were pure joy. They, alone without anything, would make a perfect dish. Root vegetable hash was unlike anything we’ve tasted before. Wanted to give this dish 5/5, but sadly the brussels sprouts just took a whole point away. They were pretty much inedible, lightly steamed almost raw without any seasoning. The entire dish is still amazing, as long as you don’t eat brussels sprouts. To be honest, I am still pleased with this dish and consider it one of the best things we had during the trip. Don’t let the brussels sprouts get you down!