Potato Nachos $7 @ Scion in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

New Kind of Nachos Appetizer, Potatoes Nachos

Match nacho love and bacon with a nice order of Potato Nachos from Scion in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city like a suburb. These are not your grandpa’s nachos, its potatoes! Bring on a new way of doing nachos, with fried breakfast potatoes. Thinly sliced crunchy potatoes smothered with bacon and cheese. There is so much cheese that maybe it should be called cheenachos. Excellent combination of gooey cheesy and bacony goodness. Get ready for a nice spicy kick with some fried jalapeƱos. Price wise it’s not bad for $7. This starter dish is so big and heavy that it can be your entire dish. We recommend splitting it with a few friends.

www.scionrestaurant.com / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp Silver Spring
1200 East West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910