Virginia is For Lovers at NOVA Gay Pride

Rainbow Shines in the Rain at NOVA Pride

Hey there Nomsters!!

Pride is never over, especially when we made our way to the 3rd NOVA Pride this past on Saturday, October 1st. For those who are not familiar or out of town, NOVA stands for North Virginia and like few other areas farther away from DC has its own pride. The NOVA Pride is a much smaller event compared to some other pride events like in Washington DC, New York or San Francisco. It gave it a very unique and fun feel. Even though it was raining this year, people turned out and enjoyed themselves.

Even some of our friends from Virginia had no idea there is sepereate gay pride, since so much focus is usually on Capital Pride. So we are happy to try and help change this by bring attention to this great evemt. Everyone should go next time so it can grow 🙂

We had a pleasure of going with our good friend and the fabulous person who runs DCHomos twitter account. Which is pretty much the most popular gay twitter feed, so you better follow him. Check out some pictures and videos from the event.

At the event, they encouraged everyone to record a small video talking about what pride means to you. So I made mine, I think the funniest comment on it I got is “oh so this is how your voice sound?”


Churches, Condums and Rainbows at the Festival

Number of different organizations, chruches and companies came out in support of NOVA Pride. Its great to see so many allies.

I think our favourite booth was Kaiser Permanente health insurance that just had a pile of condoms. They know us so well, let me grab a few for later. Virginia is a somewhat more conservative state so it was no surprise we came across some Gay Republicans from Logcabin. It’s ok, I accept your lifestyle choices. Loved their buttons! There was also a great organization that works on preserving Gay History of DC by collecting and digitizing materials like newspaper and radio. Whaa, I had no idea there was gay radio back then. In a way things were even more gay than. Loved the old Washington Blade newspaper they had from 82 about gay pride. I really had no idea blade was this old and that they had pride around then. We gays tend to not know our own history.

Not to forget a bunch of gay rainbows mercerizing. Team DC Sports came out as well which is an umbrella organization for all gay sporting events and social leagues. They are doing some amazing work and have some very hot boys there. Sorry, but we sure love athletes ;). gay pride is not just about men, but also about gay women with a Lesbian Magazine and few other organizations present.


Performance and Etertainment

There were a number of very fun performances at the pride from music band to fabulous drag queens.

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