Tiger Sushi Roll @ Nikko Sushi & Hibachi

Rawr with Every Bite with Tiger Sushi Roll @ Nikko Reston

What does sushi say? Rawr when you are enjoying Tiger Sushi Roll from Nikko a Japanese Hibachi restaurant in Reston, Virginia right on Silver Line. Not all cool places located in Reston Town Center, this restaurant right outside serves up some amazing sushi nom noms. The key is to go for their special menu where all the goodies are. Ah, this sushi roll even looks like a tiger, such a beautiful thing with stripes and bold color. A bit on the heavy side that can easily fill you up, but you never really enjoy just one roll. Overall the sushi texture was very soft with great rice combined with an avocado, sauce and so much that makes for a very smooth and soft bit. Topped with some eel and spicy sauce for that extra kick. The only thing that could have made this role better is the addition of real tiger meat. Yes, we are weird like that :).

www.nikkoreston.com / Facebook / Yelp
11730 Plaza America Dr, Reston, VA 20190