Rum Balls from Piratz Tavern

Rum Balls Dessert $4 @ Piratz Tavern (CLOSED)

Who doesn’t like some sweet balls in their mouth, especially when they are dessert spiked with some rum in Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Oh, and there is a lot of rum, tasted like a whole shot is in there. Easy to get drunk and fat off these. We will never get tired saying BALLLLLS! Yes, we are 12 like that. Very thick and creamy chocolate goodies. They are so good, and it’s hard not to just put the whole thing in. What made us sad is the quantity to price ration, $4 you only get two balls. That is how nature intended it for all of us, but we would like more. Not sure if we would get them again since they are so small. We are a few size queens when it comes to dessert but still was a delightful dessert.