Soprano's Ultimate Burger $13 @ Godfather's Burger Lounge in Belmont California

Better than an Episode of Soprano @ Godfather’s Burger Lounge in Bay Area

Join the family with Soprano’s Ultimate Burger from the Godfather Burger Lounge in Down Town Belmont, San Francisco Bay Area suburb. After a nice long flight, this is just the dish you need, a thick and juicy burger. When it comes to size, nothing beats a big piece of a burger patty. Especially when its topped with our favorite toppings like sautéed mushrooms, onions and of course crispy bacon. Comes with house-made Godfather’s sauce for that extra flavor noming. Perfect texture and flavor combination in every bite for those very hungry nomsters like that. For a more restaurant kind of place, this burger is pretty cheap for just $13. It satisfied our hunger for lots of meat and goodness after traveling to the West Coast.